Business Chinese

1on1 online classes

Basic & Advanced

How to study Chinese for Business?
How to use Chinese in a working environment?

All the Language skills to work in a company

Customized materials to improve communication skills selected on the base of the job profile you want to cover
Online 1to1 classes with professionally qualified teachers
1 Tutor to follow your progresses and set up your professional goals


Costomized Materials

Based on your job profile, we will select texts in Chinese that you will read and translate by yourself before discussing them with the teacher (Ex. Business Documents, Company Profiles, Contracts). Our teacher will not receive the original text, simulating a real Business approach.


Online 1to1 Classes

Our native Chinese Teacher will guide a conversation with you based on prepared text so that you will empower your Chinese communication skills. As on a real Business, you will have to explain contents and Company projects to a Native Chinese.


Professional Tutor

Our Professional Tutor is a foreigner, Chinese speaking GM. He will evaluate your progresses and set up your goals periodically. He will prepare text and materials based on effective Business cases. You will be able to shape your Chinese Skills on real company needs.

*All of the materials are selected and certified according to HSC Advisor’s method for Eastern Studies to quickly acquire technical skills for use as a professional

Time Schedule

Day 1 (Single Day) - 3 Lessons, 6 Hours


1 - Research Chinese F&B importers - 9:00 AM

Main search channels for Chinese F&B importers: Web directories, trade associations, trade fairs

Case Study - Handling sampling requests from Chinese importers at the first commercial contact.

2 - Participation and Management of Fairs - 11:00 AM

Tools for evaluating the commercial scope of a trade fair in China. Sampling import management and repatriation or destruction procedures of the goods

Case Study - Shanghai Global Food Trade Show FHC 2020: participation procedures, costs, commercial scope.

Lunch Break 1:00 PM


3 - F&B labeling and classification for China - 2:00 PM

Chinese regulations relating to the import of F&B. Labeling, Phytosanitary Certification, and Traceability in the Chinese customs system

Case Study - Classification and Labeling Procedures. China Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and Free Trade Zones digital procedures.


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