China MasterClass

6 paths 60 hours webinar

9 day duration 10 attendees

Live with CEO

Proudly working with


Management for China Studies

5 Intensive training from 6 to 20 hours on Saturday and Sunday

Live with our CEO (15 years of Business China experience) to practice all processes for private Businesses with China

A Full Immersion to gain complete working skills and get a successful career



Each MasterClass * program of 6, 12 or 20 hours, leads to the effective acquisition of techniques and methodologies to cover different roles in a Company with China. (Export F&B, Sales, Purchasing, Management, Social Marketing)


Each MasterClass * was born from the real business experience of Horizon Solutions and provide detailed Cases Studies to apply the Oriental Studies knowledge to the Business of Companies working with China.



Each MasterClass is conceived by the CEO of Horizon Solutions, Mr. Francesco Di Lieto. As an Orientalist with 14 years of China managerial experience he will show you how to transform theoretical knowledge into working skills.

*All of the materials are selected and certified according to HSC Advisor’s method for Eastern Studies to quickly acquire technical skills for use as a professional


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* All contents are certified and selected following HSCAdvisor method for Oriental Studies in order to quickly aquire working skills


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