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7  Basic Skills for Juniors

5  MasterClass for Seniors

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Empower your Company Resources

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Train your employees now and save money on hiring new people!


China is and opportunity but make business with China requires people with specific competences.

Hiring people is a cost.

We train people you already got to grab new Business for your company.

Junior - A Video Training for first-time employees

In 7 one-hour video lessons, your employees will become familiar with all the business processes that allow a company to work with China and increase turnover.


Managers - A complete MasterClass for your key people


Choose a Live MasterClass for your management to have them ready to make profit from the Chinese market for your Company


Choose a China Leadership Plan

from just € 349,00


F&B Export Management for China


China Purchasing Management


China Sales Management


China Branch management


Social Media & Online Sales



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